Drying Clothes

Dryers have an assortment of timed cycles these days which when used properly, can save you drying and ironing time.  Here are a few laundry help pointers for you to make the most out of drying your clothes:

Do not place too many items in the dryer – one wash load at a time. This is another reason why you should not over-stuff the washer. Just as the clothes need room to circulate in the washer to be cleaned completely, the clothes will need room to circulate in the dryer in order dry properly and to avoid wrinkling, especially permanent press and synthetic fabrics.

Read care labels for proper drying temperatures.

Always clean the lint filter before drying every load, for safety and efficiency.

Do not over dry your clothing. Over drying causes your colors to fade, increases wrinkling and shrinkage. Try to fold or hand your laundry right after the drying cycle has ended to minimize the need for ironing.

Regarding Dryer Safety - Do not dry anything containing rubber on a heated setting. Do not put anything in the dryer that has been in contact with flammable chemicals, for example turpentine, acetone, cleaning solvents, wax, etc., until you know that the chemicals have been removed completely. To be safe – line dry these items.

Even though many of the newer dryers have features for delicates, you should always hang items like bathing suits or bras (especially underwire) to dry.

Sweaters and some other items instruct you to “dry flat” or “reshape and dry flat” so you will need to either use a drying rack or a towel in order to maintain the item’s shape while air drying. Be sure to turn the item over during drying, to save drying time and circulate air evenly.

Clothing that needs to be line dried should be removed from the washer as soon as possible in order to reduce wrinkling.

Hang your laundry to dry whenever possible – it is better for your clothes and saves you money.

Tips for hanging laundry - If you feel that your laundry won’t come out as soft as in the dryer, there are a few ways to remedy that problem.....

Use a liquid fabric softener in the wash and toss the laundry in the heat of the dryer for the first 10 minutes, then line dry.
If you don’t use liquid softener, dry for 10 minutes or so with a dryer sheet and finish up on the line.

The sun has a natural bleaching affect on some fabrics, so if you are concerned about that, leave items turned inside out, or dry in the shade.

Clothing hung outside, especially on a breezy day, smell wonderful – you just can’t beat it!