I know that this is an "about" page, and that no blog should be without one........just like your mom saying that you should never leave the house without putting on a clean pair of underwear. This kid never listened anyway, and this blog, has been running 'commando' for years just fine, and besides that, I really don't like to write about myself.

LaundryGoddess.com has been in existence for some 10 years without a properly written page and it will probably be another 10 before I get around to it - my apologies. Maybe I should have gone for the name Procrastination Queen instead of Laundry Goddess!

Anyway, as a Wife, Mother, Single Mom, back to Wife again and maybe someday a Grandma, I felt amply qualified to start this sarcastically named blog way back when, as a way for me to keep track of and easily access DIY, cleaning and stain removal ideas. I thought it was a neat way to pass helpful tips on to my kids, their friends and anyone else who happened along - before the days of Facebook and Pinterest.