Still My Favorite Stain Remover

When it comes to laundry products, everyone has their favorites, for various reasons. Whether it is because of cleaning power, fragrance, or eco-friendliness - it all basically boils down to what works best for you and the type of laundry usually cleaned in your household.  If you have kids, pets, etc., then you will have an entirely different set of laundry rules than say, a working couple without children or pets. You get the idea. Living in a home with all of the above, it really helps to keep things simple and uncluttered, by using products that have multiple uses. This one has fit the bill in our household for many years.

OxiClean has been around for a number of years and to be honest, it was not the only stain remover in my cabinet. Over time though, I found myself reaching for the OxiClean more often for laundry help – many times to re-treat a stain that was still left behind after using something else. The most recent challenge? A port wine stain on a white shirt that mistakenly ended up in the dryer!

How does it work so well?  OxiClean is oxygen based and is activated when hot water is added. Hot water is the key, but if you want to use it on fabrics that do not tolerate hot water, just dissolve the powder in hot water and allow it to cool to the proper temperature before treating your item. Always remember to check your care labels for wash temperature!

The main ingredient in OxiClean is a solidified form of hydrogen peroxide, followed by a combination of detergents (a mystery to me). If you are thinking that you can save money by just buying peroxide and making your own stain remover, think again. Been there – done that – disaster. Peroxide is an effective stain remover, but if used incorrectly it can have the same damaging effect as bleach.

Originally, OxiClean’s white powder worked best on organic stains such as blood, coffee, tea, wine, food, mold, mildew, pet stains and urine.  Have you looked at OxiClean lately? There are blue crystals in that powder – a formula change which now helps to remove more types of stains, especially those dreaded greasy stains. Besides the laundry, OxiClean works great for removing stains and odors from a multitude of surfaces around the house – fabrics, plastics, porcelain, fiberglass, tile, grout, wood, carpeting and more. My dirty patio furniture and cushions came out looking great after scrubbing them with OxiClean!

Remember to read the instructions before using and if you are concerned about a reaction to any surface, always test an inconspicuous area before using.

I typically use it as a presoak for bad stains, but many people like to a ½ scoop to the wash load along with the detergent, particularly if it is especially dirty or smelly. Just remember that if you do this, you should not add bleach.

OxiClean is a very versatile product that is environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for septic tanks. The cleaner has bleaching power, but without chlorine, which makes it safer for sensitive skin. There is even an OxiClean available to those with extremely sensitive skin that is free of dyes, fragrances and harsh detergents called.