Laundry Basics

Ok you college kids, just got a phone call today, so listen up before you throw those jeans and tshirts in the wash!

Here are a few basic laundry tips you should keep in mind to avert disaster…..

Empty those pockets!  If you don’t, in addition to money laundering (LOL) you may end up without a cell phone,  or even worse (what could be worse than washing your cell?)  staining your entire wash load.

Zip up those zippers, snap 'em if you got 'em, and fasten those hooks.

Tie any strings, like sweat shirts or pant drawstrings, so they will not get tangled or pulled out of the garment all together. It will also save you about an hour of feeding that darned drawstring back through your sweatpants with a safety pin. You have better things to do with your time, right?

Remove your belt and any pins that shouldn’t go through the wash - washing machine repairs are costly.

Washing your new pair of jeans? Better turn them inside-out and wash them separately. That goes for your reds too, no matter how old they are. And be sure both are washed in cold water!

Wash your towels and wash cloths separately from clothing, in hot water to kill germs and bacteria.

Read your garment’s care labels, especially if it is something you have never washed before.

Finally, the mother of all laundry rules – never overload the washing machine! When in doubt – split it out.

Same goes for the dryer, never overload the dryer and try not to over-dry the clothes. Overloading the dryer makes for a lot of wrinkles and over-drying clothes will wear them out in no time.