Energy Star Washers - Are They Really Better?

Every year we wash hundreds of loads of laundry. That’s why, when it comes time to purchase a new washer, more and more families are looking for brands with the Energy Star label, which can help to cut their energy costs by a third and their water costs by more than half.

Is your washer ten years old or more?

Consider this – technological improvements seen in appliances over the years have made them so much more efficient that you could save enough money in operating costs to pay for the matching dryer - and with the water savings, you could fill multiple swimming pools.

When you read the Energy Star stickers on washing machines, think over the long haul – or at least the next few years – that’s where you will probably see the savings.

This is something to keep in mind when comparing prices of new washers, because the least expensive model in the store may end up costing you more in the long run, if it is not a more efficient, Energy Star model.

Energy Star Facts:

* Energy Star qualified clothes washers use less water. If you buy a non-qualified washing machine, you will use approximately 18 more gallons of water every time you do a load of wash.

* Energy Star washers spin the clothes better, squeezing out more water, which results in less drying time.

* Energy Star does not label clothes dryers since virtually all of them use the same amount of energy.

* Energy Star qualified washers must display the Energy Guide labels. These are the yellow stickers on appliances that estimate how much energy the appliance uses and **approximates the annual operating costs of the unit.

**Costs vary depending on your source of energy and/or utility rates.